Leadership Roanoke Valley Alumni Association (LRVAA)

The Leadership Roanoke Valley Alumni Association (LRVAA), originally established as Leadership Forward, is dedicated to continuing the rich tradition of excellence in community leadership inspired through the Roanoke Regional Chamber’s Leadership Roanoke Valley (LRV) program. LRVAA membership provides opportunities for members to be informed, active, and engaged leaders in the community for the purpose of creating lasting community impact and developing meaningful lifetime relationships. Membership is open to anyone who has graduated from the LRV program.

Mission of LRVAA

LRVAA’s mission is to create a sense of connection and purpose for LRV alumni and provide ongoing education on important issues facing the Roanoke region. LRVAA seeks to foster opportunities for leadership development, community involvement, and alumni integration into leadership roles in the Roanoke region.

Goals of LRVAA

The following goals have been established to meet the LRVAA mission:

  • Host quarterly social events that provide opportunities for members to network and engage with fellow alumni and LRV participants.
  • Host educational programs to increase understanding of community needs.
  • Offer professional leadership development opportunities.
  • Connect alumni with leadership opportunities in local government and nonprofit organizations.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful community service and advocacy.
  • Serve as a resource for the current LRV Class.
  • Provide regular communication with LRV alumni through a bi-monthly newsletter and social media.

Organizational Structure

LRVAA is led by a steering committee of LRV alumni. Current committee members are:

  • Co-Chair: Jeannie Keen (Class of 2012)
  • Co-Chair: Kim Turner (Class of 2013)
  • Events Committee Chair: Shamaill Ross (Class of 2015)
  • Program Committee Co-Chairs: Christy Pauley (Class of 2013) & Chris Thomas (Class of 2012)
  • Membership Committee Co-Chairs: Andrea Milliron, (Class of 2012) and Erin Burcham (Class of 2015)
  • Community Service Co-Chairs: Jenna Lazenby, (Class of 2012) and Betsy Whitney (Class of 2008)
  • Marketing & Communication Co-Chairs: Patience O’Brien (Class of 2011) and Maureen Wilson (Class of 2015)

In an effort to update the LRV Alumni Association’s contact information, we will periodically publish the names of alumni with whom we have lost contact.  If you have current information for anyone on the list below, please email lrvalumni@gmail.com so we can update our records! 

LRV Lost Alumni List