LRV Class of 2018 Breaks the Ice at Retreat

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Retreat for the Leadership Roanoke Valley Class of 2018 was held September 14 – 15 at Mountain Lake Lodge. With a tree tops adventure ropes course, Jinglepalooza and several team building activities, Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for participants to break out of their comfort zones.

Participants will meet again on October 18 for their first LRV program led by their advisors.

Building A Community: Putting the Pieces Together Presented by LRV 2017 Community Impact Team

Program Summary:

Building A Community: Putting the Pieces Together demonstrated how communities are built – literally – by highlighting the physical and social infrastructure that contribute to a vibrant community like Roanoke. Participants heard from a variety of community leaders who discussed the potential impact of broadband in the Roanoke Valley, the reimagined Colonial Avenue streetscape, individuals and organizations working in the West End neighborhood, the use of historic tax credits to spur redevelopment, and pubic-private partnerships driving the Explore Park project. The program connected how all of the infrastructural pieces fit together and how a community would suffer if one or more pieces were missing.

Furthermore, the program explored how decisions surrounding community infrastructure are made and challenged participants to consider the resulting intentional or unintentional consequences.  (more…)

K.E.Y.S. – Keep Every Youth Successful, Presented by LRV 2017 Government Team


  • Introduce and educate LRV participants on the foster care system and the challenges for youth who age out.
  • Give participants the chance to experience the foster care system.
  • Provide participants with opportunities to learn about government policy and program goals.
  • Identify ways to affect change for youth as they age out of foster care and become independent adults in our community.  (more…)

“Keep your Coins… We Need Change!” Presented by LRV 2016 Government Team


To bring awareness to the issues that are caused by the elevated chronically homeless population in the downtown Roanoke area, explore possible causes of the problem and government’s role in it, and to propose meaningful solutions that will have a long term positive impact.

When we picked the topic of homelessness in the City of Roanoke, we realized that it was a very broad topic; one that we could narrow into many different sub-topics, whether it be children that are homeless, the mental health or addiction.  Any number of those sub-topics would have been a worthy program.

We ultimately decided to cover was the government’s role to help minimize and eventually eliminate the downtown Roanoke homeless/transient population.  (more…)