On Monday, the Virginia Senate will consider proposals to increase the minimum wage. The Roanoke Regional Chamber joined several business organizations in strong opposition to these measures.

Data shows that an increased minimum wage would disproportionately impact small businesses, which are least able to absorb dramatic increases in their labor costs. A 2014 study from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office found that if the minimum wage were increased to even $10.10 per hour, up to 500,000 jobs nationally could be lost.

The Chamber supports opportunities to invest in job training, education, and in-demand skills as means to higher earning potential.

Contact your legislator today on this important issue.

The following Virginia delegates and senators represent the broader Roanoke region:

Senator John Edwards: District21@senate.virginia.gov
Senator David Suetterlein: District19@senate.virginia.gov
Senator Stephen Newman: District23@senate.virginia.gov