We are in the midst of an important opportunity to improve I-81, and legislators need to hear from you. Please consider using the letter template below to voice your support for I-81 improvements.

The following elected officials represent the broader Roanoke region in the General Assembly:

Senator John Edwards


Senator David Suetterlein


Delegate Terry Austin


Delegate Chris Head


Delegate Chris Hurst


Delegate Joe McNamara


Delegate Charles Poindexter


Delegate Sam Rasoul


Delegate Nick Rush


Subject: I-81 improvements are overdue

Dear Senator/Delegate:

I am writing to ask for your leadership this session in funding improvements to I-81. For several years, safety concerns on I-81 have been mounting, and they will only continue to worsen if the issue is neglected any longer. 

As a regular user of the corridor, I understand just how unsafe and unreliable the interstate is. Data supports what we experience everyday on I-81 – it exceeds the capacity it was built for by 50 percent and crashes often take over six hours to clear. These conditions are not conducive to economic growth or safe travel.

The corridor carries $312 billion in goods annually, connects 30 colleges and universities, and routes through 21 cities and 13 counties. It is the artery of western Virginia, and it is past time to invest in meaningful improvements.

I appreciate your consideration and support of this important issue.