Learn more about Anne Millehan:

Anne Millehan, founder of Millehan Coaching and Consulting, is a certified coach and consultant for
company owners, leaders, and motivated executives. She specializes in business performance coaching
and corporate strategy consulting.
Anne draws from her strong background in the financial and medical industries, having worked for
Crestar Bank, Dominion Bank, Bristol Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi. Her primary roles
have been as manager, account manager, field trainer, field sales representative and management trainer.
Her proven ability to penetrate new markets, capture market share, and accelerate corporate revenue
gains, gives her a unique perspective when working with clients, particularly those determined to grow.
In corporate positions, Anne has been a National Sales Champion twice, delivering in the top 2-8% of all
sales representatives for both GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi. She’s received Area Innovation awards as
well as being recognized with Audacity, Solidarity, Creativity and Lead Teams Awards. She understands
what it takes to achieve impressive sales results in a competitive marketplace. Her coaching and
consulting work draw from this experience and knowledge.
Anne is active in the Roanoke community, served and serving on several boards, Blue Ridge Business
Alliance, Agenacare Community Medicine and as a mentor for The Gauntlet, Virginia’s largest business
program and competition. She is a founding member of the Healthcare Sales Professionals Association of
Southwest Virginia. She is a leadership coach with Virginia Tech’s Leadership Academy and has worked
as an adjunct instructor with Virginia Western Community College. She has worked with both small and
large businesses to help them attain their business goals.
Using her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and coaching certification through Coaching Training
Alliance, Anne is focused on helping clients develop solid, customized, and effective solutions designed
to accommodate both personalities and company cultures. She’s determined to help those she works with
reach goals more quickly and easily. A member of the International Federation of Coaches as well as the
local Virginia chapter, Anne takes continuous learning, confidentiality and ethics seriously.