Business Reopening Toolkit

Ensuring Businesses in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Create a Reopening Plan Post COVID-19

A Note from President & CEO Joyce Waugh

Dear Roanoke Regional Chamber Member and Business Owner:

Like much of America, Virginia’s Blue Ridge has experienced social and economic trauma as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on our community.

This trauma has been caused by the government-imposed restrictions on most commercial and social activities, intended to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Our area has begun Phase One of business reopening as of Friday, May 15. We know you are trying to create a reopening strategy that meets the needs of your business, while also meeting the Governor’s guidelines.

To address this need, the Roanoke Regional Chamber has launched a Business Reopening Toolkit filled with best practices and reliable guidance for business owners. We have curated a wide selection of best practices to equip every business to adopt their own unique reopening strategy.

Note: These resources are only advisory, and every business should develop strategies based on their own unique circumstances and in consultation with legal, financial, and insurance counsel.

As you draft your reopening plan, consider focusing on these essential issues for most businesses:

1.  Protect Your Business

2.  Protect Your Employees

3.  Protect Your Workplace

4.  Communicate Your Plans, Practices and Policies

We are here for you and your business as we all navigate this trying time, and hope these resources are helpful to you.

Joyce Waugh, President & CEO, Roanoke Regional Chamber