Virginia Western recently posted results from the Career and Technical Education (CTE), and the statistics revealed the extent to which employers will contribute to employee training.

96% of employers provide in-house training, 70% offer financial assistance for external training, 75% contribute to licensure or certification, and 89% accept interns or apprentices. This data reaffirms the rising demand for skilled labor and proves that the business community is willing to invest in the workforce they need.

We are polling our members to determine which businesses offer internships, apprenticeships, or job shadowing programs. Take this two minute survey and let us connect your business with students seeking experiential learning opportunities.

The data we collect will be used as a resource for students, school administrators and career counselors in our region. The Chamber’s role is not to update specific openings/closings or accept applications. This survey is intended to collect information on which companies offer internships, apprenticeships, or shadowing opportunities, and then provide the data to students and career staff as a resource. Students seeking positions should coordinate directly with the point of contact provided in the survey.