1. Demonstrate the misunderstandings around the disease of substance use Introduce the facts about opioids
  2. Learn about the impacts on the community, from youth to families to local businesses
  3. Seek out innovative solutions to reduce the number of lives lost

How the program went

  • The Health team felt that our program was successful because we set a tone and an expectation for others to comprehend the significance of the issue at hand. We felt throughout the day that the participants were not only moved, but called.
  • The survey results were overwhelmingly positive and reflected the success and the amount of work the team put into the program.

Did the program achieve the objectives? YES, the team felt this way and the survey results indicated this.

What would you have changed? Would have made sure that the allotted Q&A times were followed so that participants could ask questions. The Panel Discussion was the most obvious time that this didn’t happen; it was reflected in the survey results that while the discussion was great, the Q&A was badly needed.


Team Members

  • CJ Boothe
  • Brooke Tolley
  • Chip White
  • Lesa Hanlin
  • Andrew Whaley
  • Nicole Pendleton
  • Julia Clark
  • Maria Marte
  • Diane Nguyen 


  • John Gardner
  • Betsy Crow
  • Tim Snyder