Enrollment for the Public Policy Council is open from March 6 – April 10. If you are interested in joining the Council, please review the following objectives and contact rgunn@roanokechamber.org for additional information.


The council, along with the Vice President of Public Policy, identifies and monitors local, state and federal policy issues of importance to Chamber members and the business community. The council takes action on policy issues by:

  • Developing and advocating our Legislative Agenda
  • Developing positions on legislative issues for recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Assist in Chamber’s relationship management plan with elected officials
  • Host legislative programs to provide opportunities for members to become more aware of business issues impacting the Roanoke region


The Public Policy Council is open to members of the Roanoke Regional Chamber. Public Policy Council membership is open for new members during the enrollment period (March) and then the council is constituted for the following program year (April to March). To best achieve the Council’s objectives, membership from a diverse range of industries is encouraged. Membership is limited to one representative from a particular business or organization.