Roanoke Regional Chamber Public Policy Council

Public Policy Council Purpose – Our “WHY”

Effective public policy in a democratic society is shaped by the active engagement of many voices, through dialogue and debate.  The Public Policy Council of the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce serves its members and the business community as a forum for evaluating public policy issues and as a voice in the political arena.

“HOW” we achieve our purpose

The Council, along with the Vice President of Public Policy, identifies and monitors local and state policy issues of importance to Chamber members and the business community.  We evaluate the issue from a broad prospective, develop a position, educate and communicate with our members, and advocate our position to public policy makers.

Key areas of focus & Action plan (“WHAT” we do)

State government:

  • Develop and advocate our legislative agenda
  • Develop positions on legislation and assist Chamber advocacy efforts
  • Play a key role in enlarging regional influence in Richmond
  • Assist VP Public Policy on relationships with the Roanoke valley delegation, caucus leadership and the administration
  • Provide input on Capital Reception and other legislative events to Chamber president and Board chair

Local government:

  • Assist VP Public Policy to monitor local issues that impact members and to develop and advocate our position
  • Assist VP Public Policy to develop and advocate our Regional Public Policy agenda
  • Assist in the Chamber’s relationship management plan with elected officials
  • Provide input on local legislative events to Chamber president and Board chair


  • Hold candidate forums and other events to provide members the opportunity to meet candidates and hear their views on issues
  • Encourage members to vote


  • Assist VP Public Policy on communications to Chamber members on key legislative and local government issues

Play well with others:

  • Continue to strengthen our relationship and connection with the Business Leadership Fund, the Virginia Chamber and VA West.