Effective Employee Accident Investigation

  • Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2018
  • Location: Roanoke Higher Education Center, Roanoke, VA
  • Time: 8:30am – Noon
  • SpeakersBradley W. Fitzgerald, Esq. and Stephen A. Burt, BS, MFA
  • Who Should Attend: HR Directors, Safety Officers, Occupational Health Managers, Department Managers, and Frontline Supervisors


An office or factory floor can sometimes be a dangerous work environment. While proper training, engineering controls, and administrative precautions help manage risk, employee accidents can and do happen.

Today’s workplace is more “pressurized” than ever and even the best loss control program can fail to prevent employees from being in a hurry or getting distracted. Properly conducted accident investigations provide solutions to many workplace hazards and may ultimately improve performance of a facility’s safety program.


  • Share a six-step process for an effective employee accident investigation program that identifies root causes, prescribes appropriate corrective measures, and implements performance metrics to ensure a safer workplace.
  • Understand legal issues involved when investigating an employee incident. Know how to avoid potential legal traps during accident investigations and how to keep damaging, unrelated information out of accident reports.
  • Teach participants basic elements of an accident investigation so they understand investigation strategy, evidence gathering, critical decision points and documentation.
  • Show supervisors and managers how to more thoroughly investigate employee accidents by using root cause analysis to eliminate work-related factors and thereby potentially reduce future injuries and claims.