Workforce DevelopmentProgram Summary:

“What is ‘workforce development,’ and what relevance does it have on our region?” That was the question our team of eight participants contemplated during our first planning meeting in preparation for our January program. Within a few short weeks, we had assembled the names of workforce development experts across the Valley and begun interviews to answer that question.

By November, we were lining up expert speakers for our program, securing locations and hitting the streets asking local companies to provide funds for our program.

In December, with our program just a month away, we had designed an agenda, scheduled a meeting to review the program day with our speakers and lined up food to satisfy our attendees.

Our team woke up on January 17 with the news that snow was going to delay our program by a week. We quickly informed the Chamber, our speakers and the 2018 LRV class that the program would take place the following Wednesday.

On January 24, our team delivered an engaging, eye opening program showcasing the past, present and future of workforce development in our region, and specifically in Botetourt County. The day was nearly flawless, and post-program survey results show that attendees enjoyed the day, learned about the topic and took away meaningful lessons about workforce development efforts and needs for our region.

Without a doubt, our team is proud of the work we accomplished, the organization of the day and achievement of the goals and objectives of our workforce development program.

Program Objectives:

  • Participants take away an increased knowledge and understanding of the past, present, and future of workforce development in the Roanoke Valley
  • Participants discover ways they can contribute to the future of workforce development in the Roanoke Valley
  • Showcase the work being done in Botetourt County re: workforce development
  • Educate participants on the many paths to career success
  • Enlighten the experience and perspectives of participants with children

Call to Action:

  • Past: Advocate for the many paths one can take to a successful career
  • Present: Sign a form letter to your legislator about legislative issue
  • Future: Provide an opportunity for a student to shadow at your employer.
  • Entrepreneurship: Challenge participants to reach out to their talent acquisition team to see if they can help
    make a fit for somebody else.

Team Participants:

  • Brian Baksic
  • Daniel Bruch
  • Karenna Glover
  • Daniel Gunn
  • Allen McNutt
  • Anna Moncure
  • Ashley Thompson
  • Courtney Watson

Team Advisors:

  • Tim Snyder
  • Sara Guerry
  • Amy McArthur
  • Kevin Reeder

A special thank you to the following businesses and organizations for providing sponsorships and/or gifts-in-kind for the Workforce Development Team program:

  • Bank of Betourt
  • Bounty County
  • Ballast Point
  • Virginia Western Community College
  • Brandon Oaks
  • Cox
  • Medical Facilities of America
  • Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc.
  • Avis Construction
  • The Branch Group
  • Fleet Feet Sports
  • Mac and Bob’s
  • Viva La Cupcake
  • Beamer’s 25
  • Montano’s Restaurant
  • Altus Cholcate
  • Western Virginia Water Authority