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Leadership Roanoke Valley (LRV) – Each spring, individuals living and working in the Roanoke Valley are invited to nominate candidates they believe demonstrate great leadership potential. Individuals driven to make a difference in their community may also nominate themselves. 

Leadership Roanoke Valley holds a special place as the premier leadership program in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, celebrating over 40 years of excellence and a vast network of thousands of exceptional graduates.

Unlike other leadership programs that delve into different theories of leadership, Leadership Roanoke Valley sets itself apart through a commitment to experiential learning – leadership in action.

Rather than the traditional classroom or textbook approach, participants embark on an immersive, hands-on journey together, led by program chair and supported by a team of volunteer advisors. Over a span of ten months, participants challenge their perspectives on leadership, deepen their community awareness, and amplify their impact within their organizations and beyond.

The framework for the program experience includes: increased self-awareness, personal growth and leadership skills; networking, access and connectivity to the community and it’s leaders from government, non-profit and private sectors; professional leadership opportunities and motivation to improve the quality of life in the Roanoke region.

The program begins in August with an Opening Breakfast session and runs until June with a Graduation ceremony. A two-day, over-night rustic retreat into the wilderness challenges participants physically and mentally, pushing them out of their comfort zones and allows them to accomplish things they did not think were possible. Participants receive a debrief of their DISC profiles where they gain insights into their own personal leadership style, and an understanding of others’ communication styles.

The remaining eight full-day sessions are filled with dynamic speakers, immersive and engaging activities, and thought-provoking discussions. Participants are assigned to a team where they spend time collaborating, ideating, researching, organizing and producing one of the full-day programs.

Participants graduate from the program with a greater understanding of the Roanoke region and the issues of the communities that comprise the region; increased awareness of different communication styles, teamwork and collaboration; and knowledge and access to resources needed to create change and get results through community involvement.

The program is funded through tuition, scholarships and sponsorships. Roanoke Regional Chamber membership is not a requirement for participation.


Leadership Roanoke Valley

by | Mar 6, 2017

Developing Community Leaders

The purpose of Leadership Roanoke Valley is to recruit, educate and motivate a diverse mix of community leaders to effectively address the challenges facing the Roanoke Valley.

Leadership Roanoke Valley (LRV) was established in 1983 to encourage community leadership in the region. The interactive 10-month program helps participants better understand issues facing the Roanoke Valley. Creative ideas and approaches help build leadership skills and show participants how to make a difference in business and the community.

Monthly programs are created, organized, funded, and facilitated by participants under the guidance of advisors. Programs address overarching topics chosen based on trends in the community.

A full list of LRV graduates is located here.

Class of 2024: Click here for LRV Resources. [Use the password provided by the Chamber Liaison]

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